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Lively and Luxuriously With Luxury Car Rental Lausanne

Lausanne is a wonderful destination for wine connoisseurs, sports enthusiasts, history buffs, and adventurers. This French-speaking part of the Swiss Riviera is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and is found on the northern point of Lake Geneva. The International Olympic Committee has made its home here, thus making Lausanne the Olympic Capital. Explore the luxurious lifestyle of Lausanne with its fine restaurants, cultural treasures, and its awe-inspiring natural landscapes. Stroll through nearby vineyards, the Gothic old town, grand palaces, lush gardens, and its picturesque waterfronts. Nightlife lovers will appreciate the city at sundown, for Lausanne become a regional hotspot for bars and clubs. With towering mountain ranges in proximity and a colorful urban atmosphere, the infinitely interesting city has something unique to offer everyone.

Rent a Luxury Sports Car or SUV in Lausanne

Taste the ultimate freedom of travel and rent a luxury car in Lausanne. Pair the dynamic character of this lakeside city with a high performance vehicle of your choice. Feel powerful and independent in a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Ferrari. The alpine landscape and bustling streets will make your supercar truly come alive. Our exhilarating selection in luxury car rental Lausanne fleet will serve your every whim, especially if you desire performance and high end materials. Satisfy your urges and keep your standards high with our fleet of cars from the most prestigious automotive marques. Rent a Bugatti Veyron, McLaren MP4-12C, Aston Martin Vantage, or Rolls-Royce Phantom. There is much more to choose from and when winter roughens up the roads, opt for a fully equipped luxury SUV by brands such as Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. There is no reason to sacrifice style and comfort in changing weather conditions. Rent a sports car in Lausanne for a complete experience in luxury car rental Switzerland.

Book Luxury Car Rental Lausanne and Make the Most of the Olympic Capital’s Must-Sees

As a culturally rich and increasingly active metropolitan, Lausanne is full of things to do and see, all of which can seem far too many to mention. Some of the most popular attractions touch on the city’s history as a Roman camp, strategic medieval town, Olympic capital, and scenic location for alpine holidays. The former fishing port of Ouchy has a picturesque lakeside promenade that lends itself to favorite leisure activities like skating, walking, and boating. Also in the area is the famous Olympic Museum and Olympic Park, celebrating the indomitable spirit of competition from ancient to modern times. Visit the attractive old town which is relatively large, full of charming shops and adventurous restaurants. Its main draw is the Lausanne Cathedral of Notre Dame which dominates the skyline with its Gothic silhouette, and a stone’s throw away is the Flon nightclub district for those with nocturnal inclinations. After a relaxing stay in a luxurious chateau hotel, hop into your exotic rental car and drive to the Lavaux vineyards. Its terraces, centuries old, have made Lavaux a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provide its visitors with cellars full of renowned wines, ripe for tasting. Back in town, marvel at the ultramodern Japanese architecture of the Rolex Learning Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to witness more of Switzerland’s commitment to progress and scientific research while the country still preserves and pays respect to its classical past. As you can see there is lot to see and epxerience but make it in complet comfort and style with luxury car rental Lausanne services.

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