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Rent A Luxury Car In The Czech Republic

Traveling the world these days is becoming more and more accessible and the number of those opting to organize vacations on their own is getting bigger day by day. Even though tourist agencies are giving their best to keep customers satisfied and comply with their needs, people are apparently getting bored with always the same offer and already known routes. And who could blame us? Isn’t it more appealing to get off the road and explore some places unfamiliar to an average guide? The only three things you need for this are a bit of courage, an understandable map and a good car.

Assuming that you’re brave enough for such an undertaking, you have probably already armed yourself with a decent map (or at least a good phone application). But what about a car? Most of us prefer to travel by plane, or bus (if the destination is reachable in a few hours’ time). It’s a wise decision, since driving for hours is time and money consuming, not to mention tiresome. After all, why would you drag your car to another country, when you can easily rent one?

Selecting the Most Appropriate Luxury Car Rental in Czech Republic

Benefits of renting cars are numerous. Apart from being able to enjoy another machine, one of the most important reasons for renting is the possibility to adjust your choice and needs. For example, let’s imagine you’re already on your holiday in, say, the Czech Republic. This charming little landlocked Central-European country has exceedingly varied landscape and cultural attractions. We all know for the marvelous bridges and Prague Castle of its golden capital. Wouldn’t you like to fit in with all the grandeur and offish luxury of this city? If your answer is “yes”, then your choice of car should be something similar to BMW M6 Gran Coupe. This is a powerful luxury coupe with vast leather interior and plenty of luggage space, which is, you will agree, pretty important when you’re exploring foreign terrain. There’s an (optional) console with numerous buttons between rear seats which gives your passengers a sense of privacy and electronics are surprisingly good. The very car is not too heavy and you will feel as if you could fly if you dare push its seven-speed gearbox to maximum (not that you’ll have a chance to do that driving close to the Old Royal Palace, the Golden Lane, the Powder Tower…, but it still makes you feel powerful knowing such a possibility exists). All in all, considering this model as an option for exploration of Prague would be a wise decision.

But the Czech Republic isn’t all about its capital. There are various other locations to be seen and exploited. For instance, Karlovy Vary. You cannot plan a trip to this country without including a visit to its spa centers and the Glass Museum. Even though you could easily drive there in the already mentioned BMW, let’s take a break and think for a moment. There are about 130km from Prague (where you’ll probably be staying) to Karlovy Vary and you cannot count on the fact that road conditions would always be ideal. For this road trip Mercedes ML 63 AMG would probably be a better choice. It is an extremely powerful, yet utterly safe family-like car. Some might find it a bit bulky, but its design is in the service of practicality – comfort zone and luggage space is even more pronounced than it is the case with our previous suggestion. You can easily place five people inside without making them feel crowded. Furthermore, safety features of this SUV include ABS and ESP stability control, front, knee, pelvic and side air bags, Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, Attention Assist (that warns drivers of drowsiness), Pre-Safe (a system that even charges the brakes on its own when it predicts an impact), and many other items. I don’t know about you, but this alone would be enough to make this car my first choice for long-driving destinations.

At the end, if you dig SUVs, you might also check out Range Rover Vogue. You could try it out on your way to the Bohemian Paradise and its rocky mountain landscape, or to Kutna Hora – once home to leading European silver mines, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This SUV is known for its all-aluminum structure, lower consumption, and CO2 emissions. Its full-sized spare tyre and all wiring needed for towing could make s huge difference should you get in trouble on road. And as for its design, I think the very name explains it all – “Vogue” was always synonym for stylishness. This one is a catch!
So, what do you say: did we convince you to rent a car? Which one do you choose?

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