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Luxury Car Rental Marbella Driving Experience in South Spain

This upmarket, glamorous and beautiful tourist resort in Costa del Sol offers everything a contemporary travellers looks for. In this sunny town in the south of Spain visitors are welcomed by an array of quality boutique stores offering excellent shopping, relaxing tapas bars, cafes, star awarded restaurants and some very lavish yachts too. Take a closer look at the yachts when you hire a luxurious vehicle and travel through the famous port of Puerto Banus. Choose a stunning Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale or a Maserati GranCabrio Sport, take it for a spin, before stopping at any of the cafes that line the gorgeous port with mountains in the back, providing the perfect scenery in the background. Exploring the area around Marbella is most rewarding for passionate drivers and for the back roads Empire Luxury Club recommends a versatile and powerful luxury SUV. Take a Range Rover Sport. This dynamic and agile SUV is the top pick for exploring the Andalucian countryside. The terrain is really diverse offering an all-round driving satisfaction, from the beautiful Andalucian mountain ranges, always providing the perfect backdrop, to sandy beaches along the beautiful coast.

Great Driving Tracks and Soothing Scenery

When using luxury car rental Marbella services, take a road trip out of town and swap the glamorous and bustling scene for a more serene and peaceful surroundings by travelling to the gorgeous Ronda Valley. This award winning wine producing region provides some good driving tracks but also very pleasing scenery and picturesque vineyards. The terrain here allows you to really test out the luxury vehicle of your choice. Why not hire a true vintage luxury car such as a Porsche Carrera. You can own the road with this super handling vehicle and travel with as much horsepower as you desire. One thing to note for international visitors is that the Spanish law requires all drivers with a non EU licence to hold a valid international license. In Spain the motorways are known as Autopista while a toll motorway is called Autopista de peajes. Autovia is the name for non motorway dual carriageways. Traveling in a car in Spain requires every passenger to put on a seat belt. If you are a luxury sports car fan, hire a Bugatti Veyron, buckle up and take it out for a ride.

Drive up the Mountains in a BMW X6

Often dubbed as the capital of Costa del Sol, this small seaside town boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Rent a luxury car in Marbella, such as an Aston Martin DB9 and with the windows down, visit your favorite Spanish beach as well as drive across the coast between Malaga and Marbella, creating an experience that will last a lifetime. For a more uphill ride, sit comfortably inside a BMW X6, packed with finest driver assisting features like servotronic steering and fully functional navigational system and climb up the road from Marbella to Ronda. The distance from Marbella to Ronda is 60km making it a perfect day trip escape. This magnificent town is up in the mountains and the drive up there requires an enthusiastic and experienced driver. The road follows a windy course that is rewarding to tackle and some of the most spectacular scenery is also there to enjoy. This is an ideal day trip destination with some luxury car rental Marbella service and a place where one can learn anything they’ve ever wanted to know about the storied history of bullfighting and legendary matadors.

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