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Delve into the Luxurious Lifestyle With ELC Luxury Car Rental Cologne

The fun-loving and cheerful attitude that is characteristic of the Rhineland is distilled in the largest city along its beloved river. Cologne is a city that loves its beer, cherishes its chocolate, and expresses pride in its recreational offerings. Made a significant hub as an established Roman city and a medieval member of the Hanseatic League trade alliance, this destination has no shortage of stunning architecture and archeological attractions. When it comes to culture and history, Cologne rivals other major cities of Germany. A plethora of high class museums populate Cologne as do a dozen Romanesque churches, while its upscale hotels, sophisticated cuisine, high end shopping, and bustling nightlife make Cologne an exciting stop on a luxurious voyage along the Rhine River with our luxury car rental Cologne services.

Rent a Luxury Sports Car or SUV in Cologne

Rent a luxury car in Cologne and choose between a variety of top tier automotive marques, according to your preference in style and performance. Renting a German car is definitely one way to feel more connected to the country during your visit and you can pick up the keys to a paragon of luxury German engineering like an exhilarating Porsche, Bavarian BMW, sporty Audi, or sophisticated Mercedes-Benz. If you’re looking for Italian beauty and high-revving exhaust notes, opt for a sensual Ferrari or Lamborghini. For a thrilling English ride, rent a McLaren or Aston Martin, or to tour the city of Cologne without hassle, parking problems, or valet lines, hire a chauffeur to escort you in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley and true VIP fashion. It can snow in Cologne during the winter, and renting a luxury SUV can be more desirable in such conditions. Brave the weather with increased capability and more capacity by renting a luxury SUV from brands both plush and rugged, including Land Rover and more. Before renting a luxury sports car or SUV in Cologne, familiarize yourself with German traffic rules and regulations. You must be at least 18 years old and in possession of an accepted license in order to drive in Germany. Carry the necessary vehicle registration, insurance documents, and an official ID with you in the vehicle at all times along with the mandatory emergency items that include a warning triangle and reflective jackets. Observe Germany’s speed limits and reacquaint yourself with the right of way legalities, in order to ensure an optimal driving experience around Cologne.

Go Sightseeing around With Luxury Car Rental Cologne

Start from the most recognizable landmark jutting out from the city skyline, the giant gothic Kölner Dom or Cologne Cathedral. Those in good shape can attempt to climb its 500 or so steps to the south tower’s top for a spectacular view of the river and the city below. Rent an Aston Martin for example and tour as many of the 12 Romanesque church that Cologne has to offer for remarkable displays of antique stained glass, medieval relics, murals, and frescoes. Take a sightseeing cruise down the river Rhine to learn about Cologne’s impressive history with Jaguar, pass the romantic Hohenzollern Bridge, and soak in the stimulating scenery. Visit any of the multitudinous beer gardens or halls in Cologne to enjoy the local Kölsch lager, and see religious artifacts from the Middle Ages and Roman times at the Museum Schnütgen, Archäologische Zone, or Römisch-Germanisches Museum. The liveliest time to be in Cologne is during Carnival season, which stretches all the way from November to February. Rent a sports in Cologne and take the festivities that reach their peak during the week before Ash Wednesday, but the exuberant and welcoming nature of Cologne’s citizens can resound through the clubs and pubs of the city at any time of year.

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