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Have a Good Time With Luxury Car Rental Malaga

This relaxed city, set on the beautiful coast is among one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in the 8th century by the Phoenicians. As a result of its rich history, glorious examples of art and culture are available around every corner. Art is absolutely everywhere in Malaga and various exhibits have become a custom to this city, with exhibitions of contemporary work to glass and crystal as well as of course the works of Picasso. Apart from rich culture, Malaga and its vicinity offers mesmerizing beaches, an endless list of restaurants including fine dining as well as some of the country’s best tapas bars. To guarantee yourself smooth travelling around Malaga and surrounding areas, step inside a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin or a Jaguar.

Take Advantage of Crystal Clean Waters

When in Malaga mingle with the locals and cheerful tourists and take the advantage of crystal clean waters of the Mediterranean Sea to enjoy diving, swimming, sailing in beaches that have been awarded blue flags including the famous Playa de la Malagueta. We highly recommend that you rent a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche Carrera or a Porche Boxster 981 Cabrio to reach the more quiet, secluded beaches only a short distance from Malaga, along the Costa del Sol. Certainly worth making a list and driving to all of them especially Playa Torrox, Playa Benajarafe in Velez Malaga and Playa Almayate Bajamar in Velez Malaga.

Purple Wisteria Walkways at Botanical Gardens and Picasso Museum

With plenty of tourists coming into the city, busy and vibrant it becomes, however if it ever gets too hot for you jump into a Mercedes E350 Cabrio and go for a day trip. The city itself offers some excellent outdoor spots where you can relax and unwind such as the La Concepcion- Jardin Botanico – Historico de Malaga situated just four kilometres north of Malaga city. This historic garden was originally planted by the Marquis and Marchioness of Loring during mid 1800’s. It offers some of the most attractive purple wisteria walkways as well as some fabulous lookout points. One thing impossible to miss while in Malaga as the birthplace of world’s greatest modern artist – Pablo Picasso are the monuments dedicated to his life and work stand. The Picasso Museum is the most attractive and very much worth the visit. The building itself provides plenty of insight on how the artist progressed from a realist to complete abstraction. It boasts an impressive collection of 204 works. All in all having luxury car rental Malaga makes all these trips even more exclusive.

Day Trip to Nerja and River Chillar

However for a real full day getaway and an unusual adventure, rent a luxury car in Malaga and take a short ride to Rio Chillar, one of the best ways to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Getting there in a luxury car gives you freedom to arrive and leave when you are ready, but do plan for a whole day. Choose the Range Rover Evoque or a BMW X5. This is one of the best walks near Malaga and highly appreciated during the warm summer months during the hot days in Costa del Sol. A fabulous walk down the River Chillar gorge that the river has craved through the limestone rock , all the way down to the water fall at the mouth of the river. Start at the seaside town of Nerja abot 50 minutes ride from Malaga. Along the entire trail the scenery is spectacular and for nature lovers a not to be missed Malaga experience.

Head Towards the Castillo de Gibralfaro for Epic Views With Luxury Car Rental Malaga

One thing to keep in mind while using luxury car rental Malaga is the road safety regulations. Across Spain the same rules apply similar to those in other European countries. Roundabouts (rotondas or glorietas in Spanish) are very common. The driver who is already in the roundabout has the right of way, there may be traffic lights that then instruct the flow of traffic. The law in Spain stipulates that before leaving the roundabout you must turn your right turn signal indicator indicating that you area leaving the roundabout. To get the best views of the city you must head towards the hill overlooking the city. The Castillo de Gibralfaro stands as one remnant of Malaga’s Islamic past. The top of the castle offers a spectacular view, while driving up the scenic Camino de Gibralfaro in a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz ML350 or a BMW X6 adds to the experience.

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