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Luxury Car Rental Italy – Real Glam of Italy

Italy has it all. Such diversity in landscape, beauty in architecture, thousands of historical monuments, art treasures on display across cities, stunning country side and mesmerizing coastline. Across Italy you’ll find delicious food, from street pizza to Michelin starred restaurants. Italy still holds its reputation and tradition when it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, and finding top-end fashion, leather accessories and jewels will pose no challenge. Throughout Italy’s largest cities, including Rome, Milan, Venice, famous stores boast with quality, locally produced designer garments and accessories that are irresistible. It does not get better than this, but try driving in an Italian designed and crafted Ferrari for a mind-blowing all out Italian fair.

Captivating History With Luxury Car Rental in Italy

Rome’s rich history is captivating, everywhere you look you’ll stand face to face to world famous monuments, the Coliseum, the Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City are just some of the must-see Rome spots. One of Europe’s richest cities, Milano symbolizes Italian fashion. When visiting Milano, the beautiful marble facade of the magnificent Gothic Duomo will draw your attention as well as La Scala as one of the most famous opera houses in the world. Here you can spend your time visiting numerous stylish shops, galleries and taste the finest national and international cuisine.

Ride Across Beautiful Countryside

If you are feeling romantic, Italy is the right place, especially Verona known for the story of Romeo and Juliet. Also when you head north, Venice is another romantic hot spot with its canals and gondola rides. In the heart of this picturesque city you’ll find Piazza San Marco with the impressive and awe-inspiring Saint Mark’s Basilica. For Renaissance architecture and art, do not go past Florence. Famous paintings and sculptures, museums, Medici palaces and surrounding Tuscany provides unforgettable, scenic views. Jump in a convertible and enjoy the pleasant sun and surroundings. We highly recommend you check out the luxury car rental Italy and look for a Maseratti or Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabrio to make your ride across Italy’s most beautiful countryside an unforgettable memory.

Drive the Spectacular Amalfi Coast

Before you head south to Naples, and pop over to Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, few more places to check out up north. Turin is located between the Po River and the foothills of the Alps. Everything in Turin is of high quality with fine aesthetics in mind. Enjoy everything from artisan workshops, to excellent restaurants, fine shopping and beautiful cultural and historic places. Bologna is famous for its universities, among the oldest in Europe. It provides many tourist attractions with beautiful arcades, gorgeous streets lined with pretty architecture and lively squares. If you are driving south, in central Italy, the Umbria region, you’ll come across Perugia. This cosmopolitan city today, has a history that dates back to the 9th century BC. Located on a hilltop offers great views over the valley. The best way to drive across these stunning Italian gems is in a large and powerful SUV. Check out the Range Rover or a Porsche Cayenne.

An Active Holiday in the Alps

Luxury car rental Italy is also perfect for an active holiday, with mountains in the north running down country’s length. The Alps and Dolomites in the north offer spectacular skiing and numerous other winter sports, the Italians are passionate about . Chilling out on the beach is one of the locals’ favourite past times, so lie on the beach and relax. From world renowned Amalfi Coast, Capri, Cinquatera – all must see places to more secluded, countryside and stretches of beach, the famous Italian coastline has it all.

Authentic Italian Experience Rent a Ferrari in Italy

No Italian experience is more authentic than when you drive down a well-trodden Italian road in an Italian crafted auto-industry symbol – a Ferrari. Select from some of the greatest such as the Ferrari Berlina or Ferrari Spider, all mighty powerful and art-in motion. Apart from beautifully crafted cars, Italians are also proud of their delicious, authentic national cuisine. Nowhere is the importance of wholesome food displayed so vividly. With hundreds of local festivals that take place throughout the year across the country, in large cities and small villages, that celebrate the harvest, your Italian visit would be incomplete without a wholesome Italian feast depending on the region you’re visiting. Your visit to Naples will be marked by the delicious pizza you indulge in. Their love for coffee is also unmistakable, so grab an espresso for an authentic Italian experience. Rent a luxury car in Italy services and enjoy Apennines peninsula in style.

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