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Paris Ride: a Unique Four-Wheel Experience

What is your first thought when someone mentions Paris? Is it a rich cultural legacy? Or maybe endless shopping opportunities for fashion lovers, given that we’re talking about real Mecca of designer brands here? Is it its unique lifestyle that quickly captures you and transforms your routine into a one of a kind, rich and surreal experience, where every single moment exudes artsy chic and bohemian elegance? Or how about everything aforementioned?
To be completely honest, it’s quite difficult to find the right words to express the uniqueness of the experience that Paris has to offer, regardless what aspect we’re talking about. One truth remains, though- Paris is a must visit for all those with refined tastes who expect to get the very best of the true European lifestyle. The City of light is simply one of those places where glamour blossoms through the entire year and where everyone’s anxious to come back. This doesn’t come as a surprise- this major city comprises of 20 arrondissements that keeps many sensations, just waiting to be discovered!
And is there a better way to get familiar with this ancient city (the city that is like a French wine itself: just getting better with the ages?) than in the comfort of a luxury vehicle and luxury car rental Paris service? We don’t think so. While some places are inevitably destined to be visited on foot, such as various historical cores scattered around the entire city, a stay in Paris can be truly enhanced with an additional luxury that certain car models have to offer. However, in downtown or residential areas, the speed limit may be reduced to 30 km/h, because all French cities were built before the cars were widely available, so if you’re thinking about renting a car in Paris, please remember to drive responsibly.

Luxury Car Rental Paris: A Way to Perfect Experience in France

Car rental is a good choice even if you’re staying in Paris for business’ sake exclusively but still want to grab a few moments and immerse in a city that boasts so many flavors. Just rent a sophisticated model from a famous car brand and enjoy in overall smooth riding experience. Take for instance a BMW’s 750i xDrive. This is a luxury sedan and a true sci-fi monster that grants amazing ride, poised to take you anywhere you want with utter style.
But In the land of Peugeot and Renault it seems also totally legit to keep up with local trends and do as Parisians do. And although many consider various French models to be mid-budget or economy class, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a few almost luxury models from the renowned French carmakers that offer an authentic French experience: from head to wheels! Take for instance a freshly released Renault Talisman that is almost as posh as its classmates from the different manufacturers and therefore deserves to be mentioned. This way with our luxury car rental Paris options, you will get full blast French experience with a dash of uncompromising elegance.

On the other hand, Lamborghini Aventador LP700 4 is a fancy convertible that is ideal for warm summer months and the ride under the open sky. This model boasts both raw strength and a timeless design with a touch of sporty, making it perfectly suitable for all those who cherish unmatched quality. And this is precisely what Lamborghini stands for.

Driving Tips & Local Regulations in Paris

As for the traffic regulations in France, keep in mind that the speed limit in majority of the cities is 50 km/h, though some wider streets or avenues may be labeled 70 km/h. This applies to the capital as well. Streets in city center may date from the Middle Ages or the beginnings of the modern era. It’s not unusual to come across irregularities on the map, as well as narrow streets, one-way streets with pedestrians crossing even when the red light is on; cobblestones and exclusively pedestrian areas.
As for the parking in Paris, we must say that is rarely easy. Usually, you can choose between parking on the street or in underground car parks. Double parking is strictly prohibited, as well as the parking in the no-stopping zones and in places reserved for the disabled people or for deliveries. And if you want to park in the street, please keep in mind that it is payable from Monday to Saturday, starting from 9am to 8pm (except for night time and Sundays). Sometimes, you can park free of charge in certain streets on some public holidays.
Also, when renting a car, be aware that most cars in France have a manual gearbox that you may find quite difficult to operate if you have only ever driven automatics. If you rent a car, and you want an automatic, then be sure to explicitly request this in advance. This way, you’ll avoid a necessary headache and be well-prepared for your journey with ELC’s luxury car rental Paris features. Bon voyage!

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