Empire Luxury Club

Rent luxury car in Europe, US and Emirates

Empire Luxury Club is a professional car rental company which was established in 2009 in the UK. We’ve recognised the potential of the market and growing needs of clients in search of premium vehicles which encouraged us to satisfy their requisites and deliver top-notch models that would indulge even the most demanding customers.

Due to an excellent understanding of the luxury car hire market and a constant effort of our employees, our club continues to expand its presence in many markets, because we are continuously aiming for more. Currently, we are covering some of the most attractive countries in Europe including Spain, Italy, Monaco, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

Whether you are in search of a high-end convertible, spacious seven-seater or a sporty sedan, Empire Luxury Club will offer you a variety of versatile machines that will most certainly fit your needs and allow you to enjoy whilst paying a visit to a country of your choice. And with the additional services such as chauffeur service and airport pick up we will make sure that you get the best possible car rental experience in the short period of time and without investing more efforts than necessary.