Aston Martin DBS V12

Looking for a true Bond experience? Rent Aston Martin

First introduced on the big screen in 1967, a 007 movie star, the Aston Martin DBS has made a comeback in the more recent appearances and is as desirable as ever before. Crafted to perfection the Aston Martin DBS has a unique design and impressive on road performance. The luxury sports car British manufacturer has a heritage of over 100 years and presents a true automotive icon. This vehicle is home to a 6.0L V12 engine with 510 horsepower, propelling from 0-100km in 4.3 seconds. This is true fine art in motion. Take it for a drive to experience true beauty, power and soul.

With so much history behind it, the Aston Martin DBS is Luxury Car Industry’s true gem. It is an example of a unique blend of superb craftsmanship, engineering and technology. This legendary vehicle is boasting with charm and power and will be a show-stopper wherever you take it for a spin.

Aston Martin DBS V12 Properties:
  • TypeSports Car/Coupe
  • Seats 2
  • Horsepower 510hp
  • Top Speed305km/h
  • 0-100 KM/H4.3s
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